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“I do not trust Xenic my queen,” Adviser Xer said.

Hive Queen Xurandra turned away from her eggs and looked at Xer with irritation. “What has she done now?”

“It is nothing new my queen, but I feel our mutual goals are no longer aligned. Her creation of X still worries me that she plans to usurp your throne.”

Hive Queen Xurandra nodded. “Yes, I agree that X has proved puzzling, but since his creation I have made it clear to her that there is to be no more Xizeks birthed without my approval.”

“I cannot trust a Xizek that walks sludgeless ground and is not connected to the hive mind. It makes her a liability. Her recent alliance with the Matrimoore seems misplaced. We have no need to expand influence beyond our territories since the failure of the Great Interloper War. Our focus should be to regain our strength.”

“The war was not a failure. The Crystalynns are in retreat, and the Astracites have proven to be a powerful ally. To align with these Matrimoore humans seems beneath us, but Xenic has proven resourceful when it comes to diplomacy.”

“You are much wiser than myself my queen, but keep your guard around her.”

Adviser Xer
Card Name:
3P 3X
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Card Text:

2 Xizek Recover Time Ability Plot: Look at the top 3 cards in your deck. If one is a Xizek follower, you may put it into play. No more than 1 card may be played each turn in this manner. Discard the rest.

Lore Text:

"Plot today, scheme tomorrow."

-Adviser Xer

Card FAQs

Q: What if I don't have 3 cards on the top of my deck?

A: Plot can only be used if the criteria is met for the ability to be used.
Q: Are followers that are put into play by Plot Battle Ready?

A: No.
Q: Do I have to pay the card cost of the card Plot allows me to play?
A: No, the follower comes into play without the need to pay a cost, and a cost cannot be paid when using Plot.
Q: Do I have to put into play a valid Xizek follower if I draw one?
A: No. You may choose to discard the valid card if you do not wish to put it into play.

Q: In a team game, can my teammate play a copy of Adviser Xer if I have one already in play?

A: Yes, but in a team game, the Battlefield is shared; therefore, the oldest copy of Adviser Xer will be put into the discard pile when the new copy is put into play.
Q: If Plot is refreshed in the same turn, can I use the ability again?

A: The ability can be used again on another turn, but it cannot be used twice during the same player's turn.
Q: Do the drawn cards from Plot count towards my hand?
A: No. The drawn cards do not count towards your hand count, and they are not placed in your hand.
Q: Can a player force me to discard these cards that are drawn?
A: Cards drawn from Plot cannot be directly targeted; however, Adviser Xer or his ability can be targeted or chained.

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