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"One of the first campaigns the Crystalynn kingdom undertook after the Great Interloper War was to fill the snaking network of tunnels the Burrowing Wurms had created. The wurms were easily controlled by the Xizeks with the help of their coercion beacons, and the wurms and their tunnels proved to be useful tools in the war. They were once considered a subterranean nuisance, but now their potential is fully understood. The tunnels they made brought the sludge to the castle walls of Ordalan, pumped from the sludge-rich regions, and the Xizeks followed after. Though the campaign was an immense undertaking, once the tunnels were filled, the sludge supply was cut off and the land returned to its unsullied state. Nevertheless, the Burrowing Wurms still linger as a menace to the surrounding principalities, causing havoc before boring back to the Xizek-controlled territories. To recreate sense of peace to the area, the Crystalynns have covered the landscape with resonating crystals, releasing wurm-bursting soundwaves when the ground is severely disturbed. There have been fewer wurm sightings since." 

-Immacus Historian 

Burrowing Wurm
Card Name:
1P 3X
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Card Text:

If Burrowing Wurm is targeted by spells, abilities, or an attack while on an opponent’s principality, return it to your battlefield and reduce any damage done to it to 0.  

Level 1: 3/2 Level 2: 4/2 Level 3: 4/4 Level 4: 5/6 Ascension cost: 3 

Lore Text:

"Great Mothers it left an awful mess" 

-Traveling Foreman 

Card FAQs

Q: If I have a card that destroys Burrowing Wurm instead of damaging it, does it still return to my opponent’s battlefield? 

A: Yes. If you have a card that targets Burrowing Wurm, Burrowing Wurm’s triggered ability creates a chain with that card, making it the last link in the chain unless you respond. Once Burrowing Wurm’s ability is resolved (returning to its owner and becoming immune to damage), then your card’s effect will be the next link in the chain.  

Q: Do triggered abilities result in a chain? 

A: Yes, a triggered ability will always create a chain with the card, ability, spell, etc. that triggered the ability unless the card, ability, spell, etc. says it cannot be chained. 

Q: Can I just target Burrowing Wurm with anything to get it off my principality? 

A: No, the spell, ability, or attack that would initially trigger Burrowing Wurm’s ability must be valid. 

Q: If I have Burrowing Wurm on a teammate’s principality does Burrowing Wurm’s ability still trigger? 

A: No, a teammate is not considered an opponent.  

Q: If Burrowing Wurm is on an opponent’s principality, does it still count towards my unit cap? 

A: Yes, any unit in play under your control counts towards your unit cap no matter the battlefield it is on unless another card says otherwise. 

Q: Can Burrowing Wurm still be destroyed if it is immune to damage for the rest of the turn? 

A: Yes, any card that destroys, banishes, cancels, or does anything else to place it in the discard pile without actual damage being done to it can still kill Burrowing Wurm. 

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