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Atomic Automaton is always looking for bold and brilliant minds eager to push the boundaries of art, gameplay, and storytelling. Come share our vision of respect, inclusion, and passion for games and the people at the table that play them.


2D Digital Artist - Contractual $85.00 USD/image (Kingdoms of Immacus): An artist for Kingdoms of Immacus will bring to life the characters, beasts, and locales of the fantasy world Immacus. The artist should have a firm  grasp of anatomy, perspective, lighting, color theory, and how light and shadow affect mood or tone. The ideal candidate works well in an environment of steady deadlines and easily takes direction from the art director.



Atomic Automaton will review your portfolio for a potential contract on one of our games/projects.

To submit your portfolio for consideration, we require the following:

  1. Three world-cohesive samples:
    These are three separate images that should meet the following requirements:
    - Images should be representative of the IP you are applying for i.e. fantasy for fantasy sci-fi for sci-fi etc.
    - Images should be representative of your strengths.
    - Images should fit into the IP stylistically.
    - Images should be fully completed.

  2. A link to your online portfolio:
    A link needs to be provided to your online portfolio. Your portfolio should capture your artistic style. We recommend only showcasing pieces you are most proud of as we take into account the entire portfolio.

  3. A short bio about yourself:
    Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, projects you've worked on, and what you're passionate about. Also, feel free to ask some questions yourself. Any questions will be answered in our response.

After we review the above, you will receive an email with whether we want to move forward with a contract. In the event we are unable to use your skills, we encourage artists to reapply in 6 months if they have received feedback from the art director. Please send all submissions to:

Looking forward to building something together.


Game Designer - Contractual Submission (Untitled Projects): The Game Designer should be a collaborative person who’s excited to support the development process, has great attention to detail with an upbeat attitude, and wants to put in the work to grow as a designer. The designer should have a fully-designed game before submitting to Atomic Automaton.


Game Designers:

Atomic Automaton will review your original game submissions for potential publication under the Atomic Automaton brand name.

To submit a game design for consideration, we require the following:

  1. Sell Sheet:
    This is a one-page document that gives a brief overview of the game:
    - Sell sheet should give the recommended ages, length of game, and the number of players.
    - Sell sheet should convey the tone, genre, and style of the game.
    - Sell sheet should briefly touch on mechanics.
    - Sell sheet should briefly touch on what makes the game exciting.

  2. Completed Rulebook:
    The designer should also provide a completed rulebook for the game. It does not need to be fancy, or have a lot of graphic elements, but someone should be able to pick up the game immediately after reading them.

After we review the above, if we want to move on to the next stage of approval, we will ask for a how to play video. The video must be ready upon request. Please send all submissions to:

Looking forward to building something together.

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