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Hello Master of the Cards,

I have been told you are looking for a new challenge, something other strategy card games haven't offered you. Well do I have something for you. A deep strategy card game that puts you head to head with a rival as you build your kingdom, expand your economy, and conquer all those who oppose you. There's no player elimination, no lanes, no pay to win, no loot boxes, and no, you don't start with 20 health. It's time to relearn what you knew about card games.


Kingdoms of Immacus is a 2-4 player card game where players battle for dominance through a branching path to victory. Balancing the 5 paths available will be key. You'll need to build a well-enchanted engine, while maximizing your kingdom's growth. Every card in Kingdoms of Immacus can be upgraded to a better form of itself, making tough decisions for tough players ready to throw themselves into the fray.

Key Mechanics

  • Deck construction

  • Resource management

  • Asymmetric gameplay


We're looking for players that have a friend that can get Kingdoms of Immacus to the table at least 8 times over the course of a 1 month period. Kingdoms of Immacus is a deep game that has several moving parts, we're looking for self-proclaimed card game masters that are looking to push the limits of the game and break any broken cards. Here's some key criteria we're looking for in our playtesters.

Key Criteria

  • Ability to print and cut a copy of the game

  • Ability to record playtest sessions

  • Have at least 2 players present at each playtest session

  • A willingness to give constructive feedback

  • An upbeat attitude and a love for the gaming hobby


If this sounds like something you'd like to do, feel free to reach out to us at We'll send you further information regarding the process, a code to obtain a copy of the print and play, and our unyielding gratitude. All our playtesters will be credited in the Kingdoms of Immacus rulebook, and we'll  immortalize you on our website with a special thanks as well. You'll also get to brag to your friends that you got to play Kingdoms of Immacus first!

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