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Community is important. That's why we're always looking for new ways to build the community by bringing new people into the hobby as well as empower community members already doing the work. We're contributing to this by reaching out to new and future hobbyists, making people feel welcome at the events we attend, providing a voice for those not typically highlighted, and providing support.

Patronage is one way we are giving back. Check out our Patronage page to see the great people we are supporting that are doing great work in the hobby. They provide a space for learning, development, and raising voices within the industry. We hope you take a look at the work they are doing and support them as well.

Highlighting artists, designers, and publishers in the industry is another way we are building our community. Our Community Connection page is full of interviews from people in the industry sharing their thoughts on their work, while giving advice to new people in the hobby looking to grow.

We are always looking for ways to help others grow and develop a supportive and inclusive community. This work is ongoing, and we're hoping you take the time to learn and grow with us.

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