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The evening golden glow of the Tamed Esolta Wilds to the north of Shroudstrand Basin dimmed as a foul gas escaped the canopy of the trees. By the sound of the ancient grunts followed by the death squeals of the Gaseous Xetlings, it was apparent the Esolta Arbormon did not take kindly to the Xizeks using their territory as a travel route. The Xizeks have made constant efforts to push into these territories because the soil is rich with nutrients to support the spread of the sludge, but each attempt is met with unbridled Mulavon resistance. I gathered my warriors, each fitted with an Ethereal mask resistant to the Xetling poison, and we met the Xizeks head on in the wilds. A warrior is not immune to fear in an unknown land, but here—this is home. There can be no fear in our home. These lands have nourished us and our descendants for eons. Beneath the twigs and leaves that cover the ground lay our ancestors, watching us – guiding our blades into soft Xizek flesh that hides between their carapace plates. The Gaseous Xetlings were born to die, and we would fulfill their fate. They serve the Xizeks no other purpose than to raise terror, be killed, and create more terror in the wake of their death, but here where my mother taught me how to tend to Arbormon seedlings, there was no terror. I could see the young seedlings, now fierce adults, striking down the swarming wave of Xizeks, and felt nothing but peace. Their bodies will feed the soil, birth beauty they will never see in this life, and what twisted soul they have will be banished to the Nethervoid in the next. The gas settled, and the Arbormon helped us gather our fallen brothers and sisters. Unlike the Xizeks, they will be born again to see the beauty the spoils of this battle brought to the Esolta Wilds.   


-Mulavon Captain, Shoshara   

Gaseous Xetling
Card Name:
1P 3X
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Card Text:

Hero Bond. Swan Song: If killed while on a player's principality, exhaust all of their principalities 90°. They do not recover during the owner's next recovery phase. Level 3: Toxicity(2)

Level 1: 1/1 Level 2: 1/2 Level 3: 1/2 Level 4: 2/2 Ascension cost: 1 

Lore Text:

Card FAQs

Q: If my principalities are already fully exhausted what happens if I kill Gaseous Xetling on my principality?  

A: If your principalities are fully exhausted, they cannot be exhausted further; however, your principalities still do not recover during your next recovery phase.  

Q: Can I chain Gaseous Xetling's ability by using my principalities to pay for cards or abilities?  

A: Yes, in response to the Gaseous Xetling's Swan Song, you can chain this ability with a valid response.   

Q: If Gaseous Xetling dies, does the poison status aliment it caused stay on units?  

A: Yes, status aliments remain active on units even if the card that caused it is no longer in play. 

Q: Does Gaseous Xetling's Swan Song affect me if I put it on one of my principalities?  

A: Yes, since its ability affects players and not opponents, you will be affected by the Swan Song ability.    

Q: Does the damage from the poison status aliment Gaseous Xetling causes stack with its Hero Bond ability?  

A: No, A card with Hero Bond removes damage from its hero equal to the attack damage it does in clash during its brutality phase. A status aliment does not meet these criteria. 

Q: If two Gaseous Xetlings on a player's principalities die in a single turn, does its Swan Song ability stack?  

A: Yes, all principalities will exhaust 90° for each instance of Gaseous Xetling's Swan Song, and the principalities will not recover during their owner's next recovery phase; however, the principalities do not take an additional turn to recover because of the second instance of "next recovery phase." 

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