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The Vullistral Blanket Bog is an ungovernable principality on the outskirts of Xizek territory. The nutrient-rich soil has made it a valuable target for future sludge expansion, and thus, the Xizeks conquered the region a decade before the Great Interloper War. However, because of the ever-present dangers of the bog, and the amount of resources needed to maintain a presence in the region is so great; Xizek activity has been limited to Xizek evolution research facilities. The people of the bog have carved out a life here for themselves without interference from the Xizeks, and they do not meddle with Xizek affairs. With the instability the Great Interloper War created, a life hidden away from the current chaos of Immacus is a welcomed gift. Life in the Vullistral Blanket Bog is difficult. The flora and fauna here is exceptionally aggressive. From the polluted crocodiles and bog dragons to the poisonous primordial blooms that reside here, the bog is not a safe place to live, and the people have had to find creative ways to make it possible. The Vullistral people are industrious, and have built their houses on stilts to keep them out of the grasp of the polluted crocodiles and the primordial bloom’s gas. Though the crocodiles of the region are beyond taming, the people here breed them to unimaginable numbers as food for the bog dragons. The bog dragons, knowing the source of their food supply, have left the Vullistral people in peace; yet, this peace is at risk when the crocodile breeding season is poor. It is the hope for the Vullistral people that Xizek influence is pushed from the area, so that they may build a life away from the grimness of the bog.  


-Immacus Historian   

Vullistral Blanket Bog
Card Name:
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Pierric Sorel
Card Text:

0°: Vault 1 Xizek Tribute.

90°: No Effect.

180°: Place up to 2 ascension tokens on target follower you control. 

Lore Text:

Card FAQs

Q: If Vullistral Blanket Bog says I can vault Xizek racial tribute, does that mean all my Xizek racial tribute can be vaulted? 

A: No, only Xizek racial tribute produced by the Vullistral Blanket Bog can be vaulted unless you have a card that says otherwise like Baron D. Pocket’s Currency Exchange. 

Q: If my follower is 1 ascension token away from leveling and I put 2 onto it, does the extra token carry over to the next level? 

A: No, there is no transfer of ascension tokens from the previous level to the next level. Once a follower has reached the required number of ascension tokens to level, they level, and all ascension tokens are removed from it, including extra ones.  

Q: Can I turn Vullistral Blanket Bog to the 90° position even though there is no effect? 

A: No, a principality cannot be turned to any orientation where there is no effect unless a card instructs a player to do so.  

Q: Am I allowed to give ascension tokens to followers I control that are not Xizek-aligned with Vullistral Blanket Bog? 

A: Yes, there is no follower restriction on the card.  

Q: Am I allowed to use Vullistral Blanket Bog even if my deck is primarily another kingdom?  

A: Yes, there is no restriction on mixing kingdoms and personalizing your strategy. 

Q: What is the maximum number of copies of Vullistral Blanket Bog I can have in my principality pile? 

A: You are allowed to have up to 2 copies of this card. 

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