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"When I was a younger man, my father taught me how to breed the polluted crocodiles. We never tamed them -- they didn't have the temperament to be a companion and their meat could not be eaten despite our best efforts to purify it. That's a skill the Mulavon people have mastered, but we dared not travel across the sludge regions."

The Vullistral Elder looked at the confused wide-eyed children sitting around the fire.

"Why did you breed them then?" a child asked.

"Food for the bog dragons. We have been able to maintain our way of life because of it, but over the last few years, the dragons have been moving closer to the perimeters of our villages..."

The children's expressions became tight and wrinkled with worry.

"... pay no mind to the dragons. Soon you'll know the how to breed the bog offerings and guarantee another generation of peace and safety."

Vullistral Bog Dragon
Card Name:
3P 2X
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
Card Number:
Leonardo Giordano
Card Text:

4 Xizek Exhaust Acidic Conflagration: Deal 2 damage to target follower and 1 damage to up to 2 other units. Acidic Conflagration does +1 damage to constructs.
Level 1: 3/3 Level 2: 4/3 Level 3: 4/5 Level 4: 5/7 Ascension Cost: 3

Lore Text:

"It burns long after the flames are gone."
-Zaxxious' Compendium

Card FAQs

Q: Can Acidic Conflagration initially target a unit?

A: No. it must target a follower initially.
Q: Can I use Acidic Conflagration the turn Vullistral Bog Dragon comes into play?

A: No. Any card with an ability that requires exhaustion must be battle ready before it can be used.
Q: If there is only one additional unit on the battlefield to target with Acidic Conflagration, where does the extra the damage go?
A: Damage dissipates if there are no valid  targets, but you are only required to target up to 2 other units.
Q: What is the attack priority for Soar again?
A: Units with Soar must attack units with Extend first, but they ignore other attack priorities.

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