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"For Hive Queen Xurandra, mere existence is enough, but I am not satisfied in living in this world without knowing why I was born from the remains of the Old Gods that were struck down by the Spectral Mothers so very long ago. There is a resentment I feel for this new world that moves forward, leaving the old world behind. Perhaps this anger within me is the wrath of the Old Gods.  The Spectral Mothers chose the beings that would make up this new world, and we were not chosen. I … we … we’re not supposed to be here, and yet here we are, a race spawned from a power beyond any Immacus has ever known, but tied down to the sludged ground beneath us. Yet I walk free from it and the hive mind. What are these gifts that have been reserved for me alone? This freedom has allowed me to expand the reaches of our race, but all of it has been unfulfilling. What I want is the old world to return again – a world that I belong to. I’m told that Gods never die … maybe it is time to find where the Mothers hid them."


Xenic Hive Hero
Card Name:
Casting Cost:
Card Type:
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Jonathan Flike
Card Text:

Level 2 Recovery Time Ability Primordial Bloom: Fully recover target principality you control.

Level 3 Empowered Sludge: Units you control on principalities with sludge gain +1 defense. Opponent’s units on principalities with sludge gain -2 defense. Defense cannot be reduced below 1 in this way.

Level 4 Nurture Nest: For every Xetze unit put into play, all other Xetzes you control gain +1 attack and defense.

Ascension cost: 4 Xizek racial tribute, 6 Xizek racial tribute, 8 Xizek racial tribute

Level 1: 0/6 Level 2: 1/6 Level 3: 3/7 Level 4: 5/7

Lore Text:

Card FAQs

Q: How does Xenic’s hero ascension work?

A: Your hero starts at level 1 and to ascend to level 2, you must pay 4 Xizek racial tribute, then 6 Xizek racial tribute for level 3, and finally 8 Xizek racial tribute for level 4. A hero can only ascend once during your turn.

Q: Can I recover a teammate’s principality with Primordial Bloom?

A: No, the principality zone is not shared between teammates in a team game.

Q: When Empowered Sludge is active, what happens when sludge is removed from a principality?

A: The removal of sludge is considered a chainable action that a player can respond to. If there is no response, then the defense stat adjustments return to their pre-Empowered Sludge values. 

Q: What Xetze units trigger Nurture Nest?

A: Any Xetze unit produced by playing a Xetze card, produced by a card’s effect, or produced by an ability trigger Nurture Nest. This includes the Xetze Barracks, Suspicious Pustule, or Hive Queen Xurandra’s Swan Song effect to name a few.

Q: If a card or ability puts multiple Xetze units into play at the same time, does Nurture Nest trigger once for every Xetze created?

A: Yes; however, the Xetzes that were produced at the same time do not get the Nurture Nest bonus since all other Xetzes get the bonus, not the Xetzes that trigger Nurture Nest’s ability. An event that puts multiple Xetzes into play is considered a single-trigger event.

Q: Do the stat bonuses of Nurture Nest persist if Xenic is removed from play?

A: Yes, the stat bonuses are permanent; however, if Xenic is removed from play, Nurture Nest can no longer be triggered.  

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