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So it's the collective power of the Xizek you seek, then you must give yourself fully to the hive. We move as one mind and have mastered the art of regeneration and evolution. Our units quickly overwhelm and poison all enemies that dare challenge us. Most importantly, we spread. No one is safe from the ever-creeping presence of the sludge.


Racial Ability

Unique Mechanics

Evolution -- Xizeks can learn new abilities when they reach level III.

Sludge -- Expand your influence in the region by placing sludge on principalities, creating various effects.


Every hive is our home, but there is a special place in our carapace for Hive Xendrula, our current capital . The sludge that nourishes us runs abundant here. 

Remnant of the Old World

Xizek History

Hero Bond -- For each point of damage dealt, remove a damage from your hero.

Status Aliment

Toxicity -- Poison your foes and watch them suffer slowly.

During the Age of Gods, the Gods birthed followers from their own essence.

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