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Atomic Automaton



Card Origins

Immacus is a big world, and I wanted to make the most of my opportunity to world build. I didn't want my resource generation cards to be generic, use the mechanic of any card as a resource, or be a landscape that symbolically represented power. The domains needed to be useful, not filler, and should show life in Immacus. This is what separated my resource system from other games. The resource cards tell a story, and they play a very interactive role in the game. You use them to generate resource, they can be protected or disrupted, and they also can contribute to winning the game. I wanted the cards to feel alive, and I think we've accomplished that. The Untamed Elunta Wilds were very important since they were the home of untamed magic in Immacus.


Card Background

There are several types of magic in Immacus with the untamed magic of the Elunta Wilds being juxtaposed with the tamed magic of the Esolta Wilds. The untamed magic is just that, untamed. It's not evil or good - merely not yet controlled by mages or other magic users. The people closest to taming the magic in the Elunta Wilds are the Mulavon, who share a border with the wilds. They have been able to channel the magic through powerful runic monoliths that litter their village. 

There have been several attempts to tame the magic in the Esolta Wilds, but the Mulavon and inhabitants of the wilds have managed to thwart their plans. 

The Untamed Elunta Wilds was once the capital home of the Lepidoth kingdom; however, prior to the Great Interloper War, the king had died, the empire fell, and its people were scattered across Immacus. Since the fall of the Lepidoth, the Elunta Wilds has been more dangerous to traverse, making travel almost impossible without the help of those most knowledgeable in the ways of untamed magic.

Art Background

The art for the Untamed Elunta Wilds was done by Pierric Sorel. Though it was not his first image he has done for me, it was definitely a favorite of mine. Moving from the green and toxic Xizek domains to the beautiful blues of the Ethereal domains was a great visual reboot to my excitement over the domains. 

Pierric Sorel is a great artist, and I was so lucky to have found him. For each piece he worked on, he would send me gray scale conceptual images, and from those I would choose one to be the final image. From the four images he showed me, I liked 4 the best since it had some wildlife. It was a tough decision because 3 had the housing that showed people lived there in the wilds. Pierric did such a great job in capturing the mystery with the deer and angle in the image. Ultimately, I would like to go back and do another image for all these domains because Pierric gave me so many good choices.

Card Abilities

Unlike unit cards, the abilities of domains are a little different. They primarily are for resource generation, but there are some thematic elements sprinkled in the card. Because the magic in the Untamed Elunta Wilds is wild, it makes sense that this domain in particular would be an ungovernable one. Due to its location near the Mulavon's grand village, it also made sense that the domain would be part of Ethereal territory.

The Untamed Elunta Wilds are shrouded in mystery, and it has connections to the Veil. Therefore, I wanted to emphasize the connection by making the domain produce Veil Cost for the Ethereals. It's a minor detail, but anything you can do as a designer to world build you should take advantage of it I feel.

Final Thoughts

There is so much lore that surrounds the Untamed Elunta Wilds, which makes it one of my favorite locales in Immacus. There is a lot of fighting that went on in the wilds as well as a mighty kingdom that fell during their residency there. I'm excited to share more of that lore as the game progresses along.

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