When I was a journeyman adventurer, my boss told me to live in the moment, not in a Sopho Academic sort of way, but a feeling the earth under your nails way. If I focused on the next quest and the reward for that quest, I would miss everything that was important in the middle. I would miss the untamed magic slither through the tight cracks in the trees of the Elunta Wilds, the sound of Ethereal drums through the Veil during the Chubontra celebrations, and the taste of the arcane-touched waters of the Arcana Oasis. The world was forever growing, and though I would not see it all, I should try my best to experience what I did see to its fullest potential. This was the most visceral life we would live, and we should live it eyes open with love for its beauty and compassion towards its ugliness. When my boss left this world for the Veil, I saw no greater peace in that adventurer's face than any other I have met in my journeys. Now that I am my own adventurer, I realized how right he was, but there is no reason I can't make a little coin along the way.

-Zaxxious, Grand Adventurer


We're working day and night to provide you the best tabletop experiences. We believe that great games require great experiences, and part of that experience, is the emotional connection to the characters you play with the players around your table. 

That's why we create games with characters you'll care about. Our games feature interconnected worlds, mechanics, and lore to create an experience that carries over to future titles. We hope you'll fall in love with the games we create and see the care that goes into each one. Welcome again, we're happy to have you.



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