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Development Diary #15


The midnight oil for Kingdoms of Immacus (KoI) has been burning a little slower as of late. I'm probably 1 day of hard work away from finishing the Crystalynn Crest, and I should get on that and finish already. I've spent the last couple of weeks playing some games, relaxing, and refilling the creative well so to speak, and I really need to get back to work on KoI full-time again since I'm starting to feel guilty about it.

Part of the timing for the small break is that I've officially hit a wall with what I can comfortably finance with the game. I will be getting married in June, and I cannot fund both a wedding and KoI. It's a hard truth to accept, but I knew the financial burden such a big game would cause. This doesn't mean game development will cease, it just means the timeline for release gets pushed. I will need time to 1) Use whatever money I have to pay for the wedding, and 2) Get more money to pay off the debt accumulated for the wedding. This may mean an additional year for the game.

Well, I have already spent 3 years on KoI, what's another year of refinement. So that's the plan. I will take 5 from new contracts with artists, and work on formatting, the rules, web design, playtesting, and everything else that isn't paying people to do things. I am also working on a simpler card game that hopefully can bridge the gap to KoI's release. For that project, I'm currently stuck on the card frame, but that's another post altogether.

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