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Trollvelopment Diary #5


Another day, another ancestor complete. This time I finished Zinkundi, the Warbringer. He is another pure alignment ancestor, this time under the rage banner. Here is the sketch I gave myself to work with.

Now when I was moving on to the computer work, I wanted to capture the embodiment of rage through color and his design. Thus, I went with a traditional rage-like color palette with red and oranges. I also wanted him to look a little mean and scary, and so he has the most gnarly tusks and expression of the ancestors. Behold, Zinkundi in all his warbringer glory.

Now, this card has my placeholder icons, which have been updated (more on that later), but the card should give an overall understanding of the direction for the game. All that aside, to complete Zinkundi's fiery look, I gave his background a volcano, and some volcanic rock to boot. His background is a little more barren then some of the other ancestors, but I feel it is appropriate seeing the landscape I put him in. Overall, I'm happy with the new addition to the Trolltem Pole family and, and I hope you all enjoy him as well.

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