Kingdoms of Immacus is Now on Facebook

Kingdoms of Immacus has secretly been on Facebook since April, but there is no content to get super excited over, but here are the plans for Kingdoms of Immacus on Facebook, which you can check out here.

The hub for all things Immacus

The Atomic Automaton website will always be the definitive place to come get in-depth information on Kingdoms of Immacus, but if I have to pick a social media hub, it's Facebook for me. Facebook is just a great tool for communities, and though I plan to integrate numerous social media platforms into the world of Immacus, I am just most familiar with its methods for sharing information. On Facebook, I plan to share images, news updates, and development updates. It will also be where I'll hold polls.

What's a Twitter?

Facebook is also my go-to because many other forms of social media just confuse me. I am still confused what the point of Twitter is, and I think so are many people seeing it can't make itself money. Sarcasm aside, I'm starting to see the opportunities with Twitter, so I'll be posting about my adventures there I am sure. Just when I started to understand Tumblr .... *sigh*. Nevertheless, it's time to try new things and expand the social media presence. So there is it, Facebook is up, hopefully when you read this, I've posted some fun things to read and look at.

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That's why we create games with characters you'll care about. Our games feature interconnected worlds, mechanics, and lore to create an experience that carries over to future titles. We hope you'll fall in love with the games we create and see the care that goes into each one. Welcome again, we're happy to have you.



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