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Trollvelopment Diary #8

Offering Milestone!

Since Protospiel, I've been hard at work on the offering art for Trolltem Poles, and I have now hit a new milestone! I am now 2/3rds of the way done with the offerings for Trolltem Poles :). With 7 more to go, I am finally getting to that light at the end of the Illustrator tunnel. Though there is still a lot of art left to do, this marks the progress peak I have been trying to reach for some time now. The final 7 images are...

1) Frozen Adventurer

2) Frost Lich Goblet

3) Ethereal Grinning Mask

4) Trilisian Flame Lantern

5) Flame Grimoire

6) Esolta Sapling

7) Ironbrand Firewater

This last batch is mostly full of detailed objects, which may drag out the process of completing them, but perhaps I am thinking too much into it all. I have managed to finish an offering a week, so what's 2 months and some change. In addition to the offerings, I have also started work on the heroes again.

Mugen is the next hero to get some artistic love, and as of today, I have finished his flats, and I have begun work on his fancy painted layers. I really don't have a firm timeline of when he'll get done, but the work is being done, and Trolltem Poles is on its way to getting finished.

This is a quick update, but I wanted to touch base with everyone. I'm hoping once all the art is done, I can refocus my efforts on Kingdoms of Immacus and this untitled secret project I'm working on :). I have a little over a month until the new year, so let's end it with a progress bang!

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