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Fate Weaver Zadarra and Her Unfortunate Misfortune Development Begins

New year new game. As Trolltem Poles creeps towards completion, I have found some time to start working on my first solo card game I have been itching to make for a while now. The solo card game has been a goal for me, but every time I sit down and work on one, it always becomes a multiplayer affair. This has happened with 3 other projects I have started; nevertheless, I am a stubborn one, and I have created a solo card game that is thinky, fun, and has a charming art style.

The game is called Fate Weaver Zadarra and her Unfortunate Misfortune, and you play as Zadarra, a famous Trilisian Fate Weaver, who has lost her ability to weave the fates of her customers. The invading Astracites have corrupted the Trilisian's sacred blue flame that connects all Trilisians and grants immense powers, including the ability to fate weave.

With Zadarra's powers hindered, it is your job to use Trilisian runes to shift the fates of your customers from the Astracite-clouded fate, to a fate better suited for a hero. Collect your fee from your customers and use that coin to purchase relics of Immacus that'll aid you in regaining your powers and fight back the Astracite influence. Every weave done grants clairvoyance that allows you to stock up on Fate Shards, which will grant you the power of your relics. If that wasn't enough, upgrade your shop to make your relics more powerful and send those Astracites packing!

Take heed Zadarra! If you are unable to satisfy the required fate of your customers, or if you cannot change the fate of a death card, you lose the game! Fate Weaver Zadarra also has 4 levels of difficulty for those fate weavers looking for more of a challenge for their legendary fate-weaving skills.

The game has been designed and now starts the rigorous development process I like to put my games through. Internal playtesting should begin next week, and I look forward to discussing those results on the blog. So stay tuned for more news on Fate Weaver Zadarra and her Unfortunate Misfortune!


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